2021 Scholarship Winner: Mya Hough

Mya Hough, winner of the 2021 Survivor ScholarshipCongratulations to Mya Hough for being named our 2021 Survivor Scholarship Winner! Mya shared a very moving essay submission with us detailing how she has overcome obstacles in her life that have resulted in her being able to pursue a college education. We are honored to have the opportunity to support Mya in her further education. To learn more about Mya and what she had to say upon learning of her winning of The Survivor Scholarship, check out her reaction statement below.

Reaction Statement: After hearing I had won The Survivor Scholarship I was filled with both joy and excitement. It is such a privilege to share my story with others and I am so grateful that this scholarship has given me the chance to do so. Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to reflect on the immense growth I have undergone, and makes me hopeful for the road that lies ahead. This scholarship helps me to see that hard work and dedication does pay off in the end.

I will be using this scholarship to help advance my education in psychology. Mental health has always been something that I have been passionate about because it has opened my eyes to the social disparity of health resources for those who may struggle to afford the care they need. Having lived through this, it is my hope to help break down these barriers and provide quality care to all of the patients I will one day work with. As humans, we need to have a healthy mindset so that we may flourish. Despite all of life’s challenges or setbacks we must try and keep a positive outlook. I am so appreciative of this scholarship and the way that it is going to help me help others.

Learn More About The Survivor Scholarship

The Warren Firm started The Survivor Scholarship to recognize students who have overcome significant obstacles in their life and have come out the other side a stronger person. Whether it be issues at home or struggles with their education, many students find themselves facing an uphill battle to make it into college and have a chance at a successful career afterward.

Our team wants to thank all of our applicants for sharing their stories with us. It’s always hard to just pick one winner, as there are many deserving applicants. We want to encourage all of our applicants to continue working to overcome any obstacles they may be facing while pursuing an education, and we wish all of you the best of luck in your academic journey. To learn more about this scholarship, please visit our Survivor Scholarship page.

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