I Could Trust that Vaden Had my Best Interests at Heart

My case was unique for many reasons so I needed a knowledgeable attorney. First, my car accident occurred in Va. but I’m a MD resident so I needed to find an attorney who could practice Va Law. I was referred to The Warren Firm by my MD attorney, working with Vaden for almost three years (I was still in treatment from injuries) before a settlement was reached. Although I was three hours away from Charlottesville, VA, this was never a problem as Vaden was readily accessible by phone any time that I had concerns. Secondly, there were two other vehicles involved in the accident, with the primary vehicle being that of a PA resident, which could have caused conflict in keeping the case in the VA court system. Third, the most significant and costly injury I endured because of the accident was losing fifteen teeth, for which the two opposing insurance companies adamantly denied responsibility. While working with Vaden on the final stages of my case, Vaden demonstrated sincere compassion when I was in severe pain for months, offering needed support through empathy and by thoroughly explaining where we were and how he planned to move forward. Since I was not at my full capacity because of my continued dental pain, I had to trust and rely on Vaden to passionately pursue my case with little help from me and he did just that. He also entertained EVERY question I had for him along the way, and I had many. What I appreciated most about Vaden, however, was his honest evaluation of the realities of my case, preparing me for any potential legal issues that could or would be disputed by the opposing parties. Even though I met Vaden under these circumstances, I’m glad I met him as he had a way of making me feel like I had known him most of my life, therefore, I could trust that he had my best interests at heart.