Over this past year, we’ve seen the impact COVID-19 has had across our community. With large numbers of people becoming sick and needing medical assistance, our local healthcare workers have gone above and beyond to fight for the safety and lives of the people in our community. These individuals have had to sacrifice time with their families, the safety of themselves, and the safety of their loved ones while they tirelessly fight for their patient’s lives. The Warren Firm wants to honor, thank, and give back to the healthcare workers in our community which is why we created the Healthcare Hero Nomination.

The Healthcare Heroes Nomination is our firm’s way to celebrate the dedication and hard work of those who work in the healthcare industry. This includes doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, paramedics, and all healthcare professionals who have been fighting on the frontlines for the safety of our community during the pandemic. We have awarded $500 to a deserving and selfless healthcare professional in the Charlottesville area as our way to give back.