2021 Healthcare Heroes Nomination Winner: Heidi Flanagan

Our team wants to congratulate Heidi Flanagan for being selected as our Healthcare Heroes Nomination winner! Heidi has shown a true dedication both in her career and in serving her loved ones to make sure they are cared for. To learn more about Heidi and why we chose her as our nomination winner, continue reading below.


About Heidi Flanagan:

Heidi Flanagan, RN, BSN started to work at UVA Health when it was called The University Hospital back in 1988. Now in her 34th year in the UVA Health System, she shares, “I have been so blessed to have been afforded the ability to blaze amazing career trails as a nurse at UVA. During my nursing career, I have worked as a nurse in the cardiothoracic ICU, the HIV/Ryan White Epidemiology program, in several research coordinator positions, and, for the last 14 years, as the lead RN coordinator for the UVA Lung Transplant Program.”

Heidi has three daughters, one of which is a local Special Olympics athlete. “My girls are the heart of my being,” says Heidi. Heidi and her daughters spend a lot of their time caring for Heidi’s ex-husband in her home as he fights esophageal cancer. “The girls got the best (and the not so best) from Mike and I….and no matter what, we remain here for each other through the good times and through the bad times.” So, while Heidi spends most of her days working long shifts at the hospital, she then spends most of her evenings and any other free time caring for her ex-husband while also helping her special needs daughter.

Heidi says she is “beyond grateful” for being nominated for The Warren Firm’s Healthcare Heroes Award by her neighbor, Hilary. Heidi said, “I have an amazing neighborhood of loving families who lift up both myself and my three girls. My loving neighbors are so amazing; they walk with the girls, send prayers, and show up with fresh cut flowers for no reason!”

Heidi feels that “paying goodness forward” is important. She will put the money that she has been gifted back into her community and towards goodies for her co-workers.

We are honored to have met Heidi, and to have been introduced to so many other wonderful healthcare heroes in our community through these nominations. We sent each nominee a gift card for lunch at a local restaurant and hope that they, and all of the essential workers in our community, continue to find success and gratitude from those around them!