Premises Liability

Harrisonburg, VA
Type Of Case:Premise liability
Location:Harrisonburg, VA
Injuries Sustained:Stress fractures in foot
Place of Accident:Harrisonburg, Virginia
Suit Filed:Rockingham Circuit Court
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement
Key Takeaways:Sometimes secondary medical problems can occur after an initial incident. It is important to stay in contact with a trusted attorney who can advise you on how to proceed and what kind of settlement they think is fair in cases of chronic complications resulting from the negligence of someone else.

Our client was injured in an incident that occurred at an inflatable obstacle course in Harrisonburg, VA. At the time of the injury, she became entangled by a piece of Velcro that was left on the course by an employee. Another employee told her that the Velcro piece was not supposed to be in the area where people were racing – it should have been secured out of the way.

Due to her injuries resulting from the incident, our client went to the emergency room at Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg. She was initially diagnosed with a broad left foot injury. Five days later she was treated by a physician at Valley Internal Medicine where she was referred to Augusta Physical Therapy. Before she could make it there, due to severe swelling and lack of improvement our client went to the August Medical Center in Fishersville, VA and had x-rays retaken of her left foot. It was then determined that the fall had caused multiple stress fractures. She then was referred to an orthopedic specialist who placed her in a boot.

She then had comparison x-rays taken and doctors determined she had developed RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – a disorder that causes lasting pain). She was still having hypersensitivity in her left foot and ankle and was recommended for injections at the Augusta Pain Management Center. She was also prescribed custom arch supports from Virginia Prosthetics to assist with her RSD.

Our client incurred many medical expenses as a result of this accident and was forced to miss significant time from work as well. A lawsuit was filed in the Rockingham Circuit Court, but we were able to settle the case before trial.

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