Pedestrian – Car Accident

Charlottesville, VA
Type Of Case:Pedestrian - Car accident
Injuries Sustained:Shoulder injury
Place of Accident:Charlottesville, Virginia
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement
Amount:Three times our client’s medical bills
Key Takeaways:This is a prime example of how important underinsured/uninsured insurance coverage protects you. Without this coverage, our client would not have been able to make any type of recovery or pay his medical bills. When an individual who has no assets or insurance coverage causes an accident, there is little to be done in recourse against him or her because the costs in legal fees and time to file an action against this person would essentially be worthless as there is no money or assets available to recover.

Our client was standing near a vehicle, when the driver of the vehicle backed up and clipped our client, injuring his shoulder. He was taken the hospital for his injuries, which were minor. An MRI was ordered after continuing pain – no tears or fractures were found. He had a few follow-up visits with physicians at the University of Virginia. He was released from care and had mostly recovered from his injuries after his last visit.

The driver of the vehicle did not have insurance and had not provided any information for additional insurance availability. Our client did not have health insurance. We filed a lawsuit against this driver in the Charlottesville General District Court, but because this individual did not have insurance, nor did she have any assets, we were forced to consider a different avenue to make a recovery for our client and drop the suit. Luckily, our client was living with his grandmother who had an insurance policy that would provide uninsured coverage. We worked with this insurance company and were able to make a recovery for almost three times our client’s medical bills. On top of that, UVA was willing to negotiate our client’s bills to a lower amount to allow him to make a recovery.

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