Multiple-Vehicle Car Accident

Charlottesville, VA
Type Of Case:Car Accident
Location:Charlottesville, VA
Injuries Sustained:Concussion, whiplash, neck and shoulder pain
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement

Our client was injured in a car accident after another driver failed to stop for traffic and caused a four-car pile-up. At the time of the accident, our client was a student at UVA Law School. He went to urgent care the next day for headaches, neck pain, and pain in his left shoulder. Doctors saw no fractures and was left with physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. However, his condition did not improve. A year later, our client underwent an electrodiagnostic study, and a year after that a second one was performed. Doctors determined that our client had sustained, from the accident, injury to the spinal accessory nerve which was causing both his neck and shoulder pain.

We were referred to this case by another attorney that was unable to move the case forward. After tracking down one of the client’s treating physicians, we were able to have him write a report relating the rare condition to the collision. The report helped resolve the matter for a fair amount.

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