Dog Attacks Child

Richmond, VA
Type Of Case:Dog bite
Injuries Sustained:Lacerations to face, lasting emotional trauma
Place of Accident:Richmond, VA
Suit Filed:City of Richmond Circuit Court
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement
Key Takeaways:Dog bite injuries often involve children. They also often involve injuries to the child’s face including scarring. Sometimes, insurance companies under-value scars to the face so in order to get a fair recovery, a suit must be filed.

A seven-year-old girl was bitten by a dog at a family friend’s home in Richmond, VA. She was there visiting with her babysitter, playing with several puppies, when the mother of the puppies attacked our client. The dog big her on the face, lacerating several portions of skin under her right eye, nose, mouth and chin. Due to her injuries, she was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where she was given antibiotics and examined by a plastic surgeon. She was released in stable condition with a referral for a follow-up. At the next appointment, doctors determined that the lacerations were healing well and no further medical intervention was necessary. Over time, her scars faded and are presently not extremely visible. However, our client remained very fearful of dogs. If one approached her, she would retreat and cling to her mother or father. While the medical bills were not very high, the level of emotional and physical damage sustained by our client was relatively significant. This case was successfully settled without trial.

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