Car Accident

Louisa County, VA
Type Of Case:Car accident
Location:Louisa County, VA
Injuries Sustained: Knees, neck, back
Suit Filed:Louisa County General District Court
Verdict or Settlement:Verdict
Key Takeaways:Sometimes going to court is the best option. Certain cases are a good fit for the General District Court.

Our client was injured in a collision on Interstate 64 in the County of Louisa. At the time of the incident, our client was a passenger in a vehicle when his vehicle was rear-ended by another car.

After the collision, our client suffered injuries to his knees, neck and back. He was taken to the emergency room at University of Virginia where multiple x-rays were taken of his cervical and thoracic spine. He was given a pain medication prescription and released. He continued to suffer from back and neck pain and followed up several times at UVA. He was referred to physical therapy after reoccurring trips to the ER with pain and discomfort.

Our client then began treating with Louisa Chiropractic for neck and back pain relief. He was released from care after three weeks.
He incurred over $5,000 in medical expenses as a result of this accident. This case was submitted to the insurance company for negotiations. Because of a low offer from the insurance company, we then filed suit in the Louisa County General District Court. The case was tried before a judge and a verdict was received for the plaintiff of twice what the insurance company offered.

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