Car Accident

Charlottesville, VA
Type Of Case:Car Accident
Location:Charlottesville, VA
Injuries Sustained:Neck injury, concussion, headaches, mood swings, permanent cognitive injury
Suit Filed:Albemarle Circuit Court
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement
Amount:3x the medical bills incurred

Our client was traveling west on Thomas Jefferson Parkway and was stopped for a school bus. Another driver was not paying attention and failed to stop behind our client and collided with the rear of his vehicle. Our client suffered a neck injury at the time of the collision and continued to have pain every couple of weeks. He additionally suffered a closed head injury/concussion which caused him to develop a short temper, memory problems and to be frequently easily confused, all of which progressed since the accident. He had difficulty concentrating at work and performing mental tasks and recalling information none of which had ever been a problem prior to the collision. At the time of the collision, he had double vision that lasted for approximately three to seven days; mid-back pain which lasted for six to eight weeks; headaches; anxiety; and mood swings which started approximately one week after the accident. Since the accident, he continued to experience all of these ailments at various times.  

Our client had a history of concussions which, according to his treating physicians, put him at a greater risk for additional issues from concussions in the future, with more permanent consequences. This particular incident caused significant personality changes and memory recall issues for our client due to his past history of concussions. We spoke with his treating physicians, at Albemarle Square Family Healthcare, who were extremely supportive of the evidence that these changes were a result of the collision.  


Our client underwent two neurological evaluations at the University of Virginia. Both times, it was noted that he had a delayed processing time in recalling information which was a serious deviation from his other scores on these tests. It was conclusive that he had suffered a permanent cognitive injury. 


A lawsuit was filed in the Albemarle Circuit Court. We worked to schedule a trial date as our client was still trying to obtain a finalization of his condition. After the scheduling of the trial date, we were able to resolve the case. We negotiated a settlement of over three times the medical bills.  

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