Car Accident

Augusta County, VA
Type Of Case:Car Accident
Location:Augusta County, VA
Injuries Sustained:Mid-shaft right femur fracture and a medial malleolar fracture of his left ankle, several lacerations to his face which required stitches | Surgeries Required: Internal fixation of the femoral shaft fracture and his ankle fracture, secondary surgery also needed after infection
Suit Filed:Augusta Circuit Court
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement
Amount:Full Policy Limits
Key Takeaways:Having health insurance and an automobile insurance policy with under-/un-insured policy of $250,000 or more, is a smart insurance decision for you and your passengers. Many times, we have represented people who simply have limited insurance and aren’t able to recover the full worth of their case and we have to settle for significant less. Making sure you have access to insurance coverage, should you ever need it, can be really helpful if you or a passenger in your vehicle is ever injured in an automobile collision.

Our client was injured in a collision that occurred in Augusta County, Virginia. He was traveling south when another vehicle failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection and slammed into the right side of his vehicle. Our client was taken by ambulance to Augusta Health in Fishersville, Virginia where he was admitted for a mid-shaft right femur fracture and a medial malleolar fracture of his left ankle. He additionally sustained several lacerations to his face which required sutures. Internal fixation of his femoral shaft fracture and his ankle fracture were performed.   

Our client had to endure a long and invasive procedure to stabilize his injuries. The surgeon originally attempted to enter through our client’s hip area to place an intramedullary antegrade nail but was not able to do so and instead opted for a trochanteric fixation nail. The guidewire was passed into our client’s leg down into the femur and was over-reamed with a starter drill. Several wires were placed to stabilize his fracture. Then our client required surgery on his left ankle. Two wires and several screws were placed to stabilize the fractures. Luckily, there were no complications during surgery.  

As our client was recovering in the hospital after his surgeries, he suddenly developed a right hip wound infection on the day of his discharge. He was readmitted to Augusta Health and he was immediately taken to the surgery room and his previous incision areas were then reopened. It was discovered that a subcutaneous pocket of fluid needed to be drained.  No complications occurred during the procedure.  However, our client had to stay in the hospital for several more days. He was then discharged and required to follow up with his surgeon. 

Our client missed several weeks of work and incurred over $130,000.00 in medical bills. A lawsuit was filed in Augusta Circuit Court to obtain detailed information about the defendant’s assets due to the limited amount of automobile insurance coverage. After discovery exchanges occurred, we were able to settle the case for the full policy limits. Fortunately, our client had health insurance, which also assisted in paying medical bills.  

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