Car Accident – Albemarle County, VA

Albemarle County, VA
Type Of Case:Car Accident
Location:Albemarle County, VA
Injuries Sustained:Concussion, neck strain, chronic pain 
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement

Our client was driving down the road in Albemarle County when another vehicle turned left from the opposite direction, did not yield the right-of-way, and crashed into our client. The other driver admitted at the scene that she did not see our client and the accident was her fault. Our client was taken by ambulance to UVA’s Emergency Department where she was checked after describing pain in her neck, back, and left arm. In the following weeks x-rays and MRIs revealed no fractures, but she was diagnosed with a concussion and a neck muscle strain.

For months she suffered light sensitivity, headaches, muscle aches, numbness, and tingling in her left hand, and was not improving with physical therapy. The symptoms affected her ability to lead a normal life. She underwent multiple trigger point injections over a span of over two years to help with pain management. Three years later, and still in pain, our client underwent more MRIs and was close to undergoing spinal surgery, but decided to continue with non-operative treatment.

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