Car Accident

Albemarle County, VA
Type Of Case:Car Accident
Injuries Sustained:Neck and back strain
Place of Accident:Albemarle County, VA
Suit Filed:Albemarle General District Court
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement
Amount:4.5x the medical bills incurred

Our client was a passenger in a collision that occurred in the County of Albemarle near Rio Mills Road. Our client’s significant other was operating the vehicle at the time of the collision when another driver drove into their lane head-on after taking the curved road too quickly. Our client’s vehicle was run off the road and into a ditch. The other driver was clearly intoxicated and was arrested and charged with a DUI at the scene of the accident. 


Our client suffered a neck and back strain. She treated with her family care physician at Forest Lakes Family Medicine who referred her to Martha Jefferson Hospital for x-rays. Her x-rays came back negative for fractures, but she continued to experience significant neck and upper back pain. Her physician then referred her to physical therapy which she initiated with Northside Physical Therapy in Charlottesville.


We attempted to resolve the matter with the insurance company, but were forced to file a lawsuit after their refusal to make a fair offer. A lawsuit was filed in the Albemarle General District Court. Shortly before the trial date, the case was resolved for a fair sum that was approximately four and a half times the medical bills. While luckily our client was not seriously injured in the collision, the other driver was seriously intoxicated and recklessly negligent. His condition and the circumstances of the collision weighed heavily in the favor of our client.   

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