Car Accident

Petersburg, VA
Type Of Case:Car accident
Location:Petersburg, VA
Injuries Sustained:Left knee, right foot, neck, lower back
Suit Filed:Petersburg Circuit Court
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement

Our client was a retired school teacher from North Carolina traveling through the City of Petersburg, VA with her daughter and two sisters. Our client was driving when another car collided with her vehicle. The other driver was charged with failure to yield right of way.

As a result of the collision, our client sustained injury to her left knee, right foot, neck and lower back. She was transported to John Randolph Medical Center where x-rays were obtained. Due to her pain and the development of swelling and bruising, she followed up at Rocky Mount Orthopedics and Nash Hospital where it was recommended she start physical therapy. She completed physical therapy at the Boice-Willis Clinic and was released. She incurred a total of $15,288.82 in medical expenses as a result of the accident.

After filing a lawsuit in the Petersburg Circuit Court, we were able to obtain a successful settlement on our client’s behalf. Settlement details are confidential.

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