$85,000 Car Accident

Richmond, VA
Type Of Case:Car accident
Location:Richmond, VA
Injuries Sustained:Black eye, vertebral artery injury, concussion, neck and right shoulder pain, cervical strain
Place of Accident:Richmond, VA
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement

Our client was traveling on 95 South in Richmond, VA when another driver struck her car from behind, causing her to lose consciousness. The other driver had failed to keep a proper looked out as, according to our client, he was on the phone while driving, failed to maintain control of his vehicle and failed to keep proper distance.

Directly after the accident, our client was taken to VCU Health in an ambulance complaining of head and right shoulder pain and had a black eye. There she was diagnosed with a concussion. At a follow up appointment, her doctor diagnosed her neck pain as a cervical strain.

Within four days of the accident, her concussion symptoms had increased as she began to experience sensitivity to light and sound as well as nausea. Her neck pain persisted as well and increased with movement. A CT scan was ordered of her head and neck. She was advised to rest and a follow up appointment was scheduled with the trauma clinic. She also followed up with Family Vision Care of Richmond to have her light sensitivity and her black eye assessed. A CT scan was taken and she was and diagnosed with a vertebral artery injury. She was prescribed steroid eyedrops.

She began months of physical therapy. Over time she began to make progress as the physical therapy aided in her healing process and pain management. She was able to return to work and daily activities, though she did continue to suffer from the occasional headache. We were able to settle this case out of court for $85,000.

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