$50,000 Car Accident

Charlottesville, VA
Type Of Case:Car Accident
Location:Charlottesville, VA
Injuries Sustained:Left clavicle fracture, hemorrhaging on left temple
Suit Filed:Charlottesville Circuit Court
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement
Key Takeaways:The reality is, in the current environment, we must file suit in many cases just to have the insurance company take a closer look. In this instance, our client would have received next to nothing without doing so. The insurance companies responded quickly to our suit, and we were able to settle soon after filing.

We recently settled a difficult case for a client that occurred at the traffic light on the intersection of the 29 Bypass and High Street in Charlottesville. Our client was stopped in the intersection waiting to turn left at a green light, when someone came through on a red light and t-boned our client.

The other driver who had collided with our client was adamant that her light was green when she went through the intersection. Despite the fact that our client’s sister was in the car with him and could confirm the light was green, the insurance company denied liability.

Our client had to be extracted from the vehicle by first responders and was transported to the emergency room at the University of Virginia. He was diagnosed with a left clavicle fracture and some hemorrhaging on his left temple which led to some blurry vision in his left eye. Within about six months, our client was doing much better.

The liability company for the other driver would not engage in settlement negotiations due to no charges being made to either driver. We filed suit on behalf of our client and soon the defendant’s insurance company tendered their policy limits. Fortunately, our client had some uninsured motorist coverage that also contributed to the settlement of the case and we were able to resolve the case for the full amount of insurance coverage that was available.

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