$300,000 Car Accident

County of Rockingham, Virginia
Type Of Case:Car accident
Location:County of Rockingham, Virginia
Injuries Sustained:Three column fractures, bruised and scratched knee, right tooth chipped and left side of mouth injured
Place of Accident:County of Rockingham, Virginia
Verdict or Settlement:Settlement

Our client was injured as a passenger in a single vehicle collision on Route 708 near the intersection of Route 340 in the County of Rockingham, Virginia. The driver of the car she was travelling in lost control of the vehicle and struck several trees while spinning out. First, she was transported to the emergency room at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. She was then transferred to UVA Hospital due to the level of trauma.

She sustained three column fractures, a bruised and scratched knee, right tooth chip, and other mouth injuries. It was determined that her fractures were unstable and required a fusion of multiple vertebrae. Surgery was performed and she was discharged several days later with pain medication and instructions for a follow-up. At a follow-up appointment with the surgeon, she was still having significant pain in her back and was on restricted activities.

Our client was on scholarship as a collegiate athlete. After the accident, she was in jeopardy of losing everything she worked so hard for. She was unable to play for the rest of the season.

She continued to be monitored by doctors at the University of Virginia Medical Center. The hardware that was placed may wear out overtime, and with an active person such as our client, it is possible that in seven to eight years she may need another surgery. She also has an added risk of developing arthritis.


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